NWSA Theatre Arts Guild (TAG)
Parents we couldn't do it without you!

Are you new to Northwest?  Start here for some helpful tips.

There are many ways for parents to become involved at NWSA. The traditional parent/teacher organization is called Friends of Northwest. Additionally, there are parent organizations that support each area of study. To have the most successful experience possible, we suggest you investigate both groups.

Friends of Northwest  - Facebook page, Wiki site

Easy & specific things you can do:

Volunteer to help occasionally with special projects – an especially fun one will be the Masquerade Dress Ball being held as a fundraiser this Winter with an exciting Mardi Gras theme!

Add your name to the list of people we can call on for a couple of hours of help. If interested, please contact Mitzi Corrigan at 704.955.4215 mitzicorrigan@mac.com or Terry Cabaniss at (714) 709-7954 - tcabaniss@att.net

Volunteer to help with the theater productions. Typically, we need assistance with set painting, concessions (donating concessions to sell during the shows and manning the concession sales,) ushering, manning box office, grant writing, videography, and sewing costumes. At the beginning of each production, a "parent's meeting" is held where important information is distributed. During this meeting is the perfect time to volunteer!

Tell friends who have potential students for NWSA about your positive experiences at the school and the benefits of arts education.

Help identify additional sources for financial contributions. We have identified the need for the following:

· Sound system

· Seating in the Laborde Theater

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